CROW Releases a New Flavor of Intrafast®!

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CROW Releases a New Flavor of Intrafast®!

A third flavor of Crow's Intrafast® is now available on their website and select retailers.

Water Dragon, a slightly sour blend of watermelon & dragon fruit expands on the list of the Intermittent fasting drink's unique and delicious flavors. Just like "Copperhead" and "Southern Mountain Gospel", Water Dragon flavor of Intrafast contains the same label ingredients; boasting a solid dose of 600mg Alpha-GPC per scoop! Two forms of caffeine bring you solidly into focus as well as slowly eases you out of flight with little to no crash. "We give you a product that you can't wait to drink in the morning" says Dan Crowson - Brand Owner of CROW Nutrition. "This blend of compounds with these flavors- just works!"



Possibly the most important ingredients in Intrafast are the small amounts of minerals and electrolytes designed to kick start your thyroid and cardiovascular organs. Intrafast gives you just enough to get your fasted body and BMR up to speed.

The addition of Huperzine-A is designed to recycle the the Choline donor (Alpha-GPC) vs letting it fade away. "Huper" prolongs the effects of Alpha-GPC and allows a smoother transition down vs crashing.

The addition of this new flavor gives Intrafast a wide scope of flavor coverage. Their first two flavors cover several berry fruits and citrus fruits. Water Dragon expands their scape to the melons and pulps.

CROW is hoping to expand the Intrafast line with a deeper, brainier formula as well as a caffeine free formula. With fasting becoming more and more popular as a diet method, Intrafast's potential is limitless!

All of CROW'S Intrafast flavors are available on their online store: CROW

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