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Glucose Disposal Agent 


Sugar Shuttle®  Glucose Control

High blood sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes and cancer. Controlling the amount of glucose in your diet can be an effective way to combat these issues. The main way to control your glucose is through an effective and responsible meal plan and through exercise. However, there are some who still need extra help or who want to manipulate their glucose around certain activity levels. This is where the use of glucose disposal agents can help.  

Glucose disposal agents or GDAs are used to help ensure that the carbohydrates/glucose from your diet get stored as glycogen in muscles rather than fat.

Use Sugar Shuttle® to get into ketosis faster by eliminating excess blood sugar in your system.

Sugar Shuttle® uses 3 simple but powerful compounds that ensure just that. Berberine HCL, the most absorbable form of R-ALA in Stabilized Na-R-ALA and black pepper extract form a powerful and simple trifecta of glucose stabilization.

500mg Berberine HCL

Berberine HCl is an alkaloid found in plants such as Oregon grape, goldenseal, barberry, and golden-thread. People have used it in India and China for hundreds of years. This product is berberine hydrochloride (HCl), and the added hydrochloride is intended to help with digestion. Berberine can be applied topically to the skin, as well.

Berberine HCl Benefits

Berberine HCl, when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, may:

  • Help maintain healthy glucose levels in already healthy individuals
  • Support liver function
  • Maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Promote heart health
  • Help maintain weight in already healthy individuals
  • Support ocular health
  • Support bone health

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


150mg Na-R-ALA (Sodium-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid)

For years, many have enjoyed the antioxidant and glucose controlling effects of ALA & R-ALA. However, absorbability has always been an issue - robbing the user of the full effects of this compound. Enter Na-R-ALA.

Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoid Acid (Bio-Enhanced Na R-ALA) is the Na-A-ALA stabilized R-lipoic powder version of R-lipoic acid. It is heat and shelf stable and exibits high bioavailability. Most alpha-lipoic acid supplements include equal amounts of the (r) and (S) forms. However, only R-ALA is found naturally in the body. The human body creates this compound in small amounts naturally as an essential component of aerobic metabolism. R-ALA is a unique cofactor in energy production and helps regulate glucose and lipid metabolism. R-ALA promotes the synthesis of gluthatione and the induction of Phase II detoxification enzymes. Na-R-ALA R-lipoic acid can also be used as a nootropic that offers a wide range of potential benefits to your overall health and cognitive processes.

10mg Black Pepper Extract (BPE)

BPE is the standard ingredient to aid in absorbability and nutrient uptake. It's been shown to increase the absorbability of curcuminoids like Berberine by 2000%! Usually, the standard dose for BPE is 5mg. But, since Sugar Shuttle® is taken with meals, we wanted to give you an extra 5mg to aid in absorbing all the nutrients from your meal as well. BPE helps increase intestinal activity of glycoprotein-P which is involved in the transport of many substances. It also modifies the rate of glucurono-conjugation by reducing glucuronic acid content and inhibiting transferase activity. This mechanism enables foreign molecules to be solubilised for more effective elimination via urine.BPE also increases thermogenesis via the release of thermogenic hormones called catecholamines. This results in improved absorption of nutrients in the gut.


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