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RAVEN seeks to deliver a strong and legit, all-around pre-workout that isn't half-dosed with weak ingredients then painted pink.

RAVEN is tailored for Females, but delivers the same strength dosages found in most high-stim / expensive formulas.

This adaptogen-heavy pre-workout utilizes less harsh compounds and delivers superior performance vs. formulas loaded with outdated ingredients.

RAVEN delivers mood boosting energy through our use of Rhodio-PRIME 6X,  Theobromine & Alpha-GPC. 

RAVEN is packed with 350mg of dual-source caffeine.

RAVEN delivers crazy, full pumps by using an all-around matrix of pump agents that are less harsh and taste better than most preworkouts. 

RAVEN's unique Aurora Burst flavor is a perfect, strong but smooth mix of cotton candy, strawberry & white grape. Another flavor nailed by CROW Nutrition that'll leave you wanting more.